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Safe Spaces empower refugee women socially and economically through different activities

The Safe Spaces continue to raise the awareness of women from the refugee community on gender-based violence and reproductive health. During April, a number of awareness-raising and learning activities were conducted in different Safe Spaces.

A set of activities were implemented in the Safe Space at the 10 th of Ramadan City, raising the awareness of 40 women around reproductive health and gender-based violence.

Activities providing psychosocial support benefitted 25 women subjected to violence in the Safe Space at the Obour Youth Center.

Additionally, an economic empowerment activity, attended by 19 women, was implemented in the New Damietta Youth Center.

All protection, prevention and social distancing measures imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic were taken during the activities to ensure the safety of the participants.

The Safe Spaces are operated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) with implementing partners such as CARE International and Etijah Youth and Development Consultancy Institute and supported by UNFPA.