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Secondary Bidding among LTA Holders

Video Production


UNFPA hereby solicits a quotation for the following service:


EU, CPD and Bayer videos


UNFPA requires a professional company to produce three videos highlighting the achievements of the EU Support to Egypt’s National Population Strategy project, the achievements of UNFPA over the period of 2018-2022 along with highlights of its Bayer partnership respectively.

Required deliverables:


      Outputs / Deliverable(s) Please review detailed deliverables attached as Annex II.

-        The first video will comprise the main highlights of the EU project starting March 31, 2018 until March 31, 2022 in the outlined areas

-        The second video will include the achievements of UNFPA’s country program under the country’s program’s

-        The third video will highlight the activities and achievements resulting from UNFPA’s partnership with Bayer Middle East to support its family planning campaigns with the Ministry of Health and Population.

I.            Instructions for submission

Proposals should be prepared based on the guidelines set forth in Section III above, along with a properly filled out and signed price quotation form, and are to be sent by email to the address indicated below no later than  : [Saturday 20 August 2022, 22:00pm Cairo Local time ][1].


Name of contact person at UNFPA:

Ms. Noha El Maraghy

Official Email address of SCMU: