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"Social Innovation & Design Thinking Expert"

For the Provision of Social Innovation and Design Thinking Expertise


The request for quotation is open For Firms, National Educational/Research Institutions

 and/or Individual Consultants

UNFPA hereby solicits a quotation for the following service:


  For the Provision of Social Innovation and Design Thinking Expertise  


UNFPA requires the provision of developing a social incubator program that leverages the use of design thinking methodologies to identify and implement locally identified solutions.  The goal of the UNFPA accelerator programme is to identify innovative solutions (digital and non-digital) to challenges within UNFPA’s mandate.

Scope of Work (deliverables):

1.      Design and develop a framework for incubator programme that identifies local solutions related to family planning, reproductive health, and gender-based violence and harmful practices including FGM, through applying a participatory innovation model that leverages the use of design thinking;

2.       Identify potential partner/mentor entities that would be interested and willing to support the implementation of local solutions, as well as mentors and judges that would provide technical, financial support and expertise to the identified solutions (incubator programme)

3.       Support UNFPA in selecting and establishing partnerships with identified partner entities (universities and/or institutions/private sector/government entities) at the governorate level to host the incubator programmes based on identified roles and responsibilities

4.       Capacitate UNFPA and its relevant partner staff on applying innovation incubator program and design thinking

5.       Develop a roadmap for rolling out the incubator programme with reference to the partnerships mapping, application of innovative techniques for design of participatory solutions in their own community

Deadline for submitting technical and financial quotation: No Later than 22 May 2021 at 02:00pm , 

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