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For the Production of Digital Creative Content Targeting Young Men and Women on Family Planning, Youth Empowerment and Combating Gender-Based Violence in Egypt



Under the Gender and youth empowerment portfolios and with specific focus on prevention of forms of Gender-Based Violence, UNFPA is seeking a professional company with extensive experience in development and production of gender-sensitive digital content to tailor digital formats focusing on gender equality, women’s empowerment, challenges facing young men and women in Egypt as well as pre-marital education.


Deliverable(s): Please see full details in the RFQ Document- TORs Annex II

1. Production of (6) tailored high quality digital episodes with awareness-raising creative content 


2. Generate online discussion with young men and women through one (1) social media campaign/initiative focusing on most pressing topics facing youth in Egypt. This format to cover pre-recorded videos submitted by young people with their perspectives. The company will be responsible of the editing, dissemination, and moderated discussion on its platform. 


3. Production of (4) episodes in format of acting sketches targeting youth/young couples/youth in the age of marriage. Issues raised in the episodes to be followed by solutions from experts and aligned with the national “Mawadda” curriculum. The duration of the episodes should not exceed 3-5 minutes. 


Deadline for submitting quotation: Wednesday November 4, 2020 at 22:00 PM Cairo Time.


N.B Please send your quotation to the below email ONLY without CCing any other UNFPA emails

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