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Custom Clearance Services

UNFPA hereby solicits a quotation for the following service:

Custom Clearance Company to clear Reproductive Health Commodities shipments arriving via Alexandria seaport and deliver to Ministry of Health (MOH) Warehouse in Cairo (2 shipments during 1st quarter-2022)


Required service:

-          Clear both Shipments from Alexandria seaport and deliver to MOH warehouse in Cairo, including but not limited to:

-          Provide all required logistical arrangements to clear the two shipments;

-          Fumigation process and obtaining the Fumigation certificates for each shipment; if needed

-          Obtaining all required approvals/clearance related to each shipment including CAPA (Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs) approval

-          Settle all required official terminal handling charges (in EGP and USD) related to clearance each shipment on behalf of UNFPA,

-          Obtaining all original official Invoices for each shipment,

-          Obtaining copies of the un-receipted forms/stamps (Sundry & miscellaneous charges) for each shipment

-          Provide needed handling and transportation from Alexandria seaport to MOH Warehouse in Cairo for each shipment

-          Unloading the containers at MOH Warehouse for each shipment


Deadline for submitting quotations is Wednesday 19 January 2022, 02:00pm Cairo Time