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UNFPA hereby solicits a quotation for the following service:


Running 48hours festival for young people with messages related to the ICPD@25


Deadline: Monday, 1st of July 2019,  at 14:00 PM Cairo   



Outputs / Deliverable(s):

The consultant/firm shall carry out the following task, in coordination with the relevant UNFPA staff:

-          Provide training in technical shooting aspects to participants

-          Provide all required equipment as per the specifications in the ToRs

-          Provide technical personnel to assist and mentor in shooting, editing, etc. to produce the films.

-          Provide venues for implementation of training and shooting the films

-          Organize closing ceremony for the 48hours fest including panel of judges

-          Provide award to winning film

-          Document the making of the 48hours fest

 Please see detailed Terms of References (TOR)

Time Frame:

-          Selection to take place in July

-          48hours fest to take place between 24-28 August

-          Reporting no later than 10 September 2019


Instructions for submission

Proposals should be prepared based on the guidelines set forth in Section IV attached, along with a properly filled out and signed price quotation form, are to be sent by e-mail to the contact person indicated below no later than: Monday, 1st of July 2019, at 14:00 PM Cairo Time.


Candidates should submit documents as an attachment to

or sent by mail to the following address July 1st, 2019,  with envelope labeled: 48 hours festival 



UNFPA – Egypt Country Office
70A El Nahda street , Sarayat Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

C/O : Operation Unit