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Vendors applied for this tender are not requested to re-apply


Digital Media Campaign on GBV during International Women Day (IWD) March 2021


UNFPA is seeking a professional company with extensive experience in digital outreach, communications with specialized focus on GBV and reproductive education to develop and run a weeklong campaign during International Women’s Day on forms of domestic violence and available services for women subjected to GBV.


 Expected deliverables, in close consultation with UNFPA team:

1.       Development of content focusing on awareness-raising on forms of GBV, specially domestic violence, assault and IPV and existing services in the legal, medical and social sectors provided to women subjected to violence. Content to be approved by UNFPA before airing

2.       Production of (5) stories, each with maximum duration of 60-120 seconds, to be broadcasted on identified digital media platforms (production includes research, content writing, content filming and editing)

3.       Production of (1) IGTV video, with a maximum duration of 5 minutes on these topics (production includes research, content writing, content filming and editing)

4.       Management of one full Q&A session with the account holder(s) and proposed expert(s) by UNFPA. The Q&A session will be for one day only, maximum duration is 5 hours

5.       Production of (1) podcast on the topics of interest for UNFPA as mentioned above

6.       Providing a detailed campaign report with estimated reach in each activity, disaggregated by age/ gender/ topics of interest as well as photo documentation of the campaign 

Deadline for submitting technical and financial quotation: Sunday28rd of February, 2021

Email address of contact person: