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Open for

legally-constituted Companies/ Academic Institutions as well as Individual Consultant

for the provision of

Developing National Youth Strategy


-          Objective of the Consultancy: Please review the attached  detailed TORs 


The overall objective of this consultancy is to develop a five year National Youth Strategy ( 2021-2026) and an  implementation framework  that will guide the GoE towards the engagement and empowerment of   young people in Egypt.

The national Youth Strategy will be guided by four     main principles taking into consideration the special needs of young women and marginalized groups including PWDs


(1) Adopt a positive approach in order to address the marginalization of young people to ensure that no one is left behind including vulnerable groups and PWDs and strengthen the concept of participatory development;


(2) Recognize the needsgaps, problems, aspirations and innovations of young people;


(3) Make use of youth capacities as a main asset to economic, social and political development;


(4)  Address gender inequality across the whole strategy


 -       Deliverables


In the course of the assignment, the Consultant/institution will present the following

  1. An inception report – including:

- Situational and stakeholders analysis,

- Outline of strategy

- Analysis plan

-Data collection methods and data collection tools .


  1. A draft five-year National Youth Strategy with objectives, KPIs, costed programs and projects
  2. Hold stakeholder meeting(s) to validate the draft Strategy
  3. An implementation framework with costed action plans  including  a results framework with key indicators to measure strategy implementation within the 5-year time frame including a risk and mitigation register
  4. Final five –year National Youth Strategy.
  5.  Report on the process including stakeholder consultations and workshops
  6. A communication plan to introduce and promote the strategy  at the national level



Deadline for submitting quotations: Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 at 15:00 PM Cairo Time