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 Survey of Young people in Egypt 2014

The youth phase is one of the most crucial times in a person’s lifetime, in which an individual shifts from being a child to becoming an adult. It is the progression from the dependence on parents in livelihood matters and decision making to increasing independence. During this period, a person is exposed to experiences and information that help shape his/her own self-identity and personal beliefs and enables him/her to make choices and form judgments that would guide his/her present and future. It is also the transitional phase from school to the job market and all it holds of challenges, future aspirations and endless opportunities. 

Preliminary findings of SYPE 2014 indicated that positive improvements have occurred in a number of areas compared to the 2009 round. A slight decrease in unemployment among this age group was noticeable as well as a reduction in early marriage rates although it remains one of the major problems in our society. The gender gap in educational attainment has narrowed in the period between the two surveys. Despite political and economic instability between 2011-2013 youth desire to migrate has not changed between the two surveys while youth participation in social and political activities is on the rise.