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In the context of the support provided by UNFPA to the Ministry of Health and Population, it was agreed to prepare a five-year costed implementation plan (CIP) to implement a series of interventions to ensure commodity security for family planning program in addition estimate required funds to implement identified interventions, to ensure the mobilization of required funds through the government or donor agencies.

This comes as part of the EU Support to Egypt’s National Population Strategy.

To achieve this objective, a desk review of all relevant documents and studies was conducted, among which were the National Population and Family Planning Strategy 2015-2030* and the plan emanating from it during the period from 2015-2021, which was evaluated by experts in cooperation with the National Population Council in 2018*, as well as the assessment report of the current situation to secure the supply of family planning methods.

This document comes as an important step to identify the challenges faced at the level of governorates by their officials, and accordingly the most appropriate interventions and actions to overcome these challenges within a specified time frame.