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Gender Influence on Voluntary Counselling and Testing Seeking in Egypt


• Urethral discharge was detected in 52.7% of males and vaginal discharge in 13.7% of females

• Venereal warts was the most common presenting condition, due to the fact that they are not perceived as an STI (76.3% of females vs. 33.2% of males STI SERVICES: AN ENTRY POINT TO REACH VULNERABLE POPULATIONS

• 1.4% reported drug injection

•6.5% reported MSM activity

• About one third of the male clients had more than one female sex partner

• 90.3% of males reported never using a condoms with a non-steady partner in the last six months

• Improve health-seeking behaviors by decreasing stigma

• Integrate STI services within health facilities

• Use peers and friends to promote the services

• Identify innovative approaches to promote condoms use