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FGM In the Context of Islam

Question 1: Is FGM a precept of Islam since it has been mentioned in the Sunna? Answer 1: Islamic Sharia is derived from the following authentic sources: the Holy Quran, the Sunna (traditions), Qiyas (use of analogical arguments) and Ijma’ (juridical consensus), the four fundamental principles of Islamic jurisprudence. In order to determine where Islamic Sharia stands as far as FGM is concerned we have to search in the Holy Quran, then the Sunna, then Ijma’ and finally Qiyas. • The Holy Quran is void of any reference to FGM, there is no Ijma’ or consensus on a specific legal ruling, and there is no Qiyas or analogy that can be accepted. • As for the Sunna, there is doubt as to the authenticity of some of the Hadith attributed to the Prophet (PBUH) in this concern. The truth is there is no proof of the authenticity of these narratives that can be used as the bases for a legal ruling on such a life-threatening issue. • Scholars cannot base their argument on narratives that cannot be traced to a credible source since a valid argument can only be based on authenticity