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Decentralized Information of the UNFPA Country Programme for Egypt (2007-2011)

This project conducted an evaluation of the 8th UNFPA Country Programme for Egypt 2007-2011 in accordance with the Terms of Reference for the evaluation (UNFPA, 2010). The country program consists of projects reflecting three main themes: Population and development (PD), Reproductive Health (RH) and Gender (G). The evaluation was designed to answer 6 questions related to the country program goals. These questions and the associated results from the evaluation are discussed below.

The country program evaluation reviewed 11 projects related to the three program areas (PD,G,RH). The methodology for each project was developed using a desk review of project documents, consultation with the UNFPA staff of the Egypt Country Office and the Evaluation Management Committee (EMC) of UNFPA, as well as interviews with each of the implementing partners (IP). Geographic distribution of evaluation sites was considered so that sites in the Cairo area as well as upper and lower Egypt were included. Data were collected from focus groups, in depth and regular interviews. Service statistics were also analyzed for family planning utilization, youth clinic utilization and HIV testing.