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Data Revolution carries many promising opportunities and capabilities that contribute to developing all life aspects and human activities on the global level. This can be achieved through a different global awareness of the role of data as a national asset; a tool to create value and wealth to enhance competitiveness, sustainability, and direct contribution to create knowledge and digital economies across the world; in addition to its particular contribution to enhance Sustainable Development Strategy 2030-SDSs that seeks to transform countries that signed the plan - 193 countries, including Egypt - into levels of more socio-economic and environmental sustainability and quality of life.

Also, Data Revolution led to emergence of important roles for new and emerging data communities in data ecosystems across the world, such as: social media sites, cell phone data, satellite data, civil society data, scientific community data, citizens groups data, etc.

In this context, CAPMAS and UNFPA insist to translate the contents and tools of Data Revolution into enhancing and developing the Egyptian statistics system and the Data Ecosystem, on the one hand, and enhancing the SDSs-2030 and the SDGs, on the other. This was translated into concluding an agreement between CAPMAS and Dr. Mohamed Magid Khashaba of the Institute of National Planning to prepare a scientific report on the role of Data Ecosystem in Egypt to enhance sustainable development, in the context of a complete interaction and coordination between the Consultant and CAPMAS, through the Sustainable Development Unit.