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Young actors showcase their talents at public auditions

In their quest for talented actors, the EU and UNFPA held public auditions in search of young talents from across Egypt to take part in a drama production, in collaboration with Eagle Films Production/Beelink Productions.

The auditions were held in Cairo, Aswan and Alexandria and offered young talents the opportunity to engage in the casting process for different roles in the TV drama. The events also included an interactive theater performance by Y-Peer Egypt network entitled “Marionette” offering peer-to-peer techniques and deeper understanding of population issues.

Participants engaged in open discussions with actor and filmmaker Ahmed Magdy on different topics including the role of film and art in promoting developmental issues, as well as improvised acting monologues with renowned filmmaker Hani Khalifa.

The 45-episode production, supported by the EU among other donors, is part of the 360 degree media campaign. It will showcase not only the values of the population’s messaging but also the talents of Egypt. The storyline will address the key messaging objectives related to family planning and small family size promotion.

The episodes will be written, directed and starred by high profile Egyptians in order to reach out to the furthest areas of the country and to have the maximum impact nationwide. The Drama events will be linked with real youth’s daily-life scenarios, based on a tailor-made selection of the characters needed.

The project aims to reach behavioral change that results in increased demand for family planning. This aim will be reached through a systematic and comprehensive study and analysis about the characters’ choices in the drama and their actions consequences, where the Drama events are linked to the youth lives events.

The TV Drama will harness the power of contemporary youth culture to ensure resonance with young people. It will feature celebrity cameos and music performances both within the TV Drama projection itself and on the soundtrack.