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UNFPA Extends the Deadline for the Youth-Friendly Clinics Call for Proposals until 18th August

CAIRO, EGYPT — The deadline for submitting the entire documentation of the Youth-Friendly Clinics Call for Proposals has been postponed until Wednesday 18th of August 2010. Documentation has to be presented by hand at UNFPA premises before 1800 hours on that day. The General Organization for Teaching Hospitals (GOTHI) and UNFPA are seeking a company with vast experience in marketing and branding services for social institutions with a specific background in dealing with projects involving and targeting youth.

For this Call for Proposals, UNFPA is requesting the following documentation in two different envelopes.
First envelope — Technical Proposal:
  • Advisory services and research for new opportunities: (a) Concept paper for the branding strategy; (b) Concept paper for the marketing strategy and campaign
  • List of deliverable products, including a detailed media plan
  • Workplan and chronogram
  • Samples of previous works
  • CV of the assembled team and of the consultancy firm 
Second envelope — Financial Proposal:
  • Detailed budget
  • Itemized cost list of expenses: consultancy services; travel costs; development and printing of materials; implementation of the clinic needs, such as painting or furniture