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UNFPA Egypt and the Federation of Egyptian Industries Signs a three year agreement to showcase the positive role of family planning in development, economic and social empowerment.

Cairo, 30 July 2018The Federation of Egyptian Industries will leverage the Private Sector to invest its knowledge as well as funds to advocate for awareness on family, population and health issues within its workforce and within its development planning interventions.  The private sector through its role will contribute to enhance the employability of youth, women and disabled through investing in education, life, business skills, and entrepreneurship in Upper Egypt and delta governorates. It will support in the creation of new job opportunities through maximizing the benefit of the private sector CSR initiatives.

UNFPA will provide 5,000 training opportunities per annum through the Population and Business Youth Camps initiatives. Whereby FEI will mobilize private sector to contribute to these initiatives through its CSR programs targeting youth empowerment.

UNFPA’s training modules will be used to raise youth awareness on family issues to improve youth employability. FEI will provide relevant business skills for youth through its partner organizations and members.

FEI will support UNFPAs’ activities related to raising the awareness on family planning within its factories and members with a specific emphasis on its economic and social impacts;

Both parties will cooperate in empowering young women in rural areas and equipping them with the required life and business skills.

Finally FEI will support UNFPA in mobilizing private sector engagement (in kind and/or financial) in UNFPA relevant initiatives.


For media queries please contact:

Nada Salah, Communications Coordinator, UNFPA Egypt