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UNFPA is partnering with the Egyptian Family Planning Association (EFPA) to launch 20 clinics offering comprehensive services for women subjected to violence across Egypt. 

To pave the way for the clinics, EFPA and UNFPA held the first training workshop for medical staff from 10 governorates on offering comprehensive response services to women subjected to violence.

The workshop took place at the Training and Research Institute for Health Procreation in Alexandria on November 1-5. 

The workshop brought together 18 doctors, nurses and social workers, offering an in-depth orientation to gender-based violence including female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage, as well as reproductive health and rights.

The workshop also introduced participants to the existing national referral process for all existing medical, legal and social services available nationally for women subjected to violence.  

The National Council for Women officially adopted the referral pathway in November 2019 marking the establishment of the first national process to develop and ensure the quality and efficiency of services for women and girls subjected to violence.

The first of its kind, the referral pathway was developed under the Essential Services Package (ESP) joint-program in Egypt, coordinated by UNFPA. The ESP modules were adapted to national context and endorsed by relevant ministries and key UN agencies (UNDP, UNODC, WHO and UN Women), to coordinate between relevant stakeholders on GBV protection, prevention and care in the legal, social and medical sectors.

This workshop is the first step to operate 20 clinics in 20 selected governorates under this partnership by 2021.