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Over 400 couples oriented with family planning under Mawadda project

Under the Mawadda project, UNFPA held a training for 440 couples, about to get married, raising their awareness around family planning and reproductive health.

These trainings were implemented under a new initiative with the Tahya Misr Fund and a collaboration with the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MoSS) directorates and several Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs).

The initiative launched with the Tahya Misr Fund aims at enabling girls in need (orphans or girls below poverty line) to attend Mawadda classes with their partners to start their family life on solid ground.

Four trainings were implemented in three governorates, delivered by university professors who were previously trained by the project.

On the other hand, the collaboration with the MoSS directorates and NGOs provided support to girls in need, as well as delivered premarital sessions to engaged and newly married couples throughout 9 different governorates. Ten trainings were held with a total of 256 couples. 

Mawadda project aims at sustaining the Egyptian family through raising the awareness of young people who are about to get married through an educational program. The program focuses on the social, psychological and religious aspects of marriage, as well as provides information on family planning, reproductive health and gender-based violence.

The project is implemented by MoSS and supported by UNFPA. Since the project’s launch in 2019, 50,000 students in five universities and 30,000 conscripts participated in the Mawadda educational program.