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Mawadda kicks off series of workshops

The Ministry of Social Solidarity, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and UNFPA kicked off a series of training workshops under the Mawadda project, targeting young men and women about to embark on their journeys as married couples.

The first set of training workshops, by the Rotary District, is targeting 100 engaged couples through 10 workshops.

The second phase of Mawadda training is targeting different governorates such as Alexandria, Gharbeya, Suez and Daqahleya, with the aim of training 1,800 young men and women.

The training provides participants with the most important information and skills that will help them establish a positive family entity built on affection and compassion, and provide an appropriate environment to raise a healthy and knowledgeable generation.

The workshops will also provide them with information on family planning, reproductive health and gender-based violence. The trainings are based on active learning methods that ensure a suitable climate for effective participation by the attendees, in addition to taking into account all safety and security levels.