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Four Delegates from the MoH of Sudan Visit Egypt to Learn about the Egyptian Experience in Achieving Accelerated Reduction in Maternal Mortality

CAIRO, EGYPT — Four delegates from the Ministry of Health of Sudan visited Egypt from 23–27 May in order to take part in an Observational Study Tour to learn about the experience of the Ministry of Health of Egypt in achieving accelerated reduction in maternal mortality in a short period of time. The aim of the initiative, sponsored by UNFPA, was to give some medical and technical support and share the successful programs and activities that participated in reduction of maternal mortality in Egypt.

According to the recommendations of the inter-country meeting for Arab States, held from 11–15 April, UNFPA decided to implement an observational tour and promote south-south cooperation with Sudan. The observational tour included a comprehensive presentation about maternal and child health services implemented by Ministry of Health, especially focused on successes and key factors that contributed to the rapid reduction in maternal mortality in Egypt.

During their trip, the Sudanese medical team learned about the successful Egyptian National Maternal Mortality Surveillance System (NMMSS) and made an observational tour to El Galaa Teaching Hospital and to Masr El Kadeema MCH center, as well as visits to Gharbia and Benisuef Governorates.

The Sudanese medical team consisted of: Dr. Taha Ahmed, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Om Dorman Islamic University, and focal person for maternal mortality registration in Sudan; Dr. Sawsan Altaha, public health and community medicine specialist; Dr. Fatma Mohamed, obstetric supervisor in Gizera governorate; and Mrs. Shaza Ibrahim, statistical specialist.