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A delegation from the European Union in Egypt (EU), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Ministry of Health and Population visited two health centers in Alexandria on October 16 as they follow up on the progress of the National Population Strategy.

The delegation was headed by EU Ambassador Ivan Surkos, UNFPA, headed by Reproductive Health Specialist Nada Naja, and the Ministry of Health and Population headed by head of the family planning sector Dr. Sahar al-Sonbaty.

The two centers were awarded al-Wessam, in recognition of their outstanding efforts in providing quality family planning services.

Al-Wessam is an accreditation system where family planning units across Egypt are assessed based on a set of indicators and criteria set by the Ministry of Health and Population, and awarded based on their score.

The criteria includes having a sufficient stock of two to three months of basic contraceptive methods, provision of correct information during counselling by doctors and nurses, provision of safe family planning services in accordance with standards of practice, and the increase in the number of beneficiaries, among others.

Once awarded, the clinic keeps the award for one year as long as it continues to maintain the set standards. It is then nominated for monetary rewards should it keep it for a full year.