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The governor of Daqahleya official adopted the Local Referral Pathway, in partnership with UNFPA and the National Council for Women (NCW), making it the first governorate to adopt the pathway. 

The referral pathway is a multi-sectoral referral mechanism in Egypt institutionalizing the coordinated efforts in the medical, justice and policing and social services to ensure enhanced quality services for women and girls subjected to violence.

The Local Referral Pathway was adopted in the presence of the Governor of Daqahleya Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, along with a delegation from NCW including Judge Ahmed El-Naggar, Legal Expert at NCW, Mona Al-Ghazali, coordinator NCW’s Anti-Violence Against Women Unit, Amal Abdel-Moneim, director of NCW's complaints office and Dr. Amal Philip, Health Advisor at the Anti-Violence against Women Unit.

The National Referral Pathway was officially endorsed by NCW and partner line ministries in December 2019, concluding the pilot joint program titled “Essential Services Package” in Egypt, led by UNFPA jointly with UNDP, UN Women and UNODC. The program aims to address health, policing and social services sectors in combatting violence against women.

Based on global guidelines, UNFPA and partner agencies offered technical support to relevant national stakeholders focusing on combating all forms of violence against women and girls, namely NCW and the Ministries of Justice, Interior, Health and Population and Social Solidarity, to adapt and localize coordination and reporting tools that enhance the effectiveness of service delivery for women subjected to violence.  

Dr. Mokhtar reaffirmed the governorate’s support to NCW and willingness to any necessary measures to protect women from all forms of violence. The governor ordered the formation of a committee headed by him personally to that end.