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Actors take over cafés to promote family planning

“’Only a son will support you and the larger the family the better’… As long as we’re following misconceptions, our life will keep becoming difficult,” one of the characters in “Sokkar Barra” performance says.

Actors took over street cafés in 10 governorates and Al-Asmarat housing project in Cairo to perform “Sokkar Barra” to raise awareness around family planning, promote the concept of small family and correct misconceptions driving families to have more children.

In “Sokkar Barra,” a few men enter the café as if they are the usual clients, coming to escape the pressure and problems they have due to having many children. One of the men starts talking and the rest join the conversation.

The 30-minute performance focuses on several social misconceptions that drive many families toward excessive birth in a light comic and attractive way and ends with correcting these misconceptions.

A total of 22 performances were done in the different governorates and housing project (2 performances in each governorate) in December 2020.