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Latest on EU Support

26 November 2019

YPEER organizes sports festivals in 20 governorates

Y-PEER, UNFPA’s youth leadership network, organized 20 sports festivals in 20 governorates across Egypt aimed at building the capacity of young people using interactive methods, with the support of... Read more

30 October 2019

EU, UNFPA and Ministry of Health and Population prepare 5-year family planning cost implementation plan

In order to secure the supply of family planning services in Egypt, UNFPA supported the Ministry of Health and Population to prepare a five-year family planning costed implementation plan to secure... Read more

16 October 2019

EU, UNFPA, Health Ministry delegation visits health centers in Alexandria

A delegation from the European Union in Egypt (EU), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Ministry of Health and Population visited two health centers in Alexandria on October 16 as they... Read more

27 September 2019

UNFPA, EU hold monitoring system training

A series of 3-day trainings took place at the Reproductive Health Research and Training Institute in Alexandria on September 26. The training contributes to strengthen the human capital as well as... Read more

26 September 2019

Ministry of Health and Population, EU and UNFPA delegation visits family planning units in Sohag

A delegation from the European Union (EU), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) conducted a field visit in Sohag on September 26, 2019 to follow... Read more

1 September 2019

Beneficiaries' rights

A poster hung on the walls of Family Planning clinics listing beneficiaries' rights, under the Ministry of Health and Population, with technical support from UNFPA and funding by the EU.

21 August 2019

EU Support of Egypt's National Population Strategy - One Year in Review

With the support of an EU-grant of 27 Million Euros, UNFPA, upon the request of the Government of Egypt, led the drafting process of the National Population Strategy, and is now facilitating its... Read more

23 June 2019

'Your Right to Plan' campaign kicks off third round in 10 governorates

The Ministry of Health and Population’s Family Planning Sector, in collaboration with UNFPA, kicked off the third round of the “Your Right to Plan” campaign in 10 governorates, funded by the European... Read more

15 June 2019

Destination Egypt marks National Day for the eradication of FGM in Minya

UNFPA and the Ministry of Youth and Sports took the fourth round of the Destination Egypt 2030 activities to the governorate of Minya on June 13-15, with the support of the European Union in Egypt... Read more

5 June 2019

What to do if..?

A poster including information about pregnancy and breast feeding and reproductive health in general, produced by UNFPA, WHO and the Ministry of Health and Population, with funding from the EU.