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UN Egypt statement on death of Mayar Mohamed Mousa, victim of Female Genital Mutilation

The United Nations in Egypt is deeply saddened by the recent news of the tragic death of a young girl, Mayar Mohamed Mousa, in Suez Governorate due to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Regrettably, she is yet another victim of FGM.

We welcome Egypt’s Ministry of Health - National Population Council and the National Council for Women (NCW) statements condemning this crime.

Egypt is seeing positive results in its long battle to combat FGM where the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) 2014 shows a decline in prevalence in the age group (15-17 years old) by more than 13% compared to the 2008 DHS. However, there is still a long way to go, to eliminate this harmful practice that violates the rights of women and girls, can have long lasting physical and psychological implications and can lead to injury and death.

The United Nations is committed to working with Egyptian authorities and society to protect the rights of all girls and women, including against the practice of FGM. There is no moral, religious or health reason to cut or mutilate any girl or woman.

In Egypt 82% percent of female circumcisions are performed by trained medical personnel. The United Nations in Egypt calls on all health professionals to take a strong stand to stop the medicalization of FGM.

The United Nations is committed to support the Ministry of Health – National Population Council, and the Medical Syndicate to end FGM.

The United Nations calls for review of current legislation and enforcement of Egyptian laws to ensure the rights of women and girls are fully protected and looks forward to the results of the investigation on the death of Mayar so that the perpetrators of such dreadful crimes are brought to justice