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Islamic Perspective on Violence against Women Manual

The manual is a fruitful result of the cooperation between of the International Islamic Centre for Population Studies and Research at Al-Azhar University and the United Nations Population Fund in Egypt. This manual tackles subjects pertaining to violence against women throughout their life, starting at an early age until the end of their life cycle. The manual proposes, from an Islamic perspective, remedies and solutions to curb such violence throughout a woman’s life cycle.  The afore mentioned violence encompasses various examples tackled in the manual, such gender-based discrimination in the workplace and with regards to vocational training, performing harmful unsanitary habits such as female genital mutilation (FGM) which constitutes a violation/mutilation to the female body where vital parts affecting her being and her future are removed. It also tackles early forced marriages prior to reaching a suitable age that allows them to endure the burdens of marriage and its  obligations,  the position of Islamic Shari’a law towards violence within marriage, and Islam's position on violence against women from a law of personal status’ perspective and Islam’s position towards violence against women in armed conflicts…etc.

The manual was originally developed to be used by various sectors that aim to serve the case of Muslim women. These sectors include: Imams and religious scholars who preach for the protection of women, healthcare providers, governmental and non-governmental institutions that operate in the field of gender and women, policy makers, international organizations that are concerned with women’s issues and the practitioners/experts concerned with women’s issues in and beyond the Muslim world.